Monday, September 29, 2014

My husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary today.
We each have the good fortunate of a flexible schedule, so we're taking the day to celebrate: exchange gifts, look through wedding photos, and just enjoy a day of being together. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my days with someone who makes me so happy.

To many more years as happy as this!

Friday, September 26, 2014

happiest Friday!

It's been kind of a crazy week over here. 
Lots of work combined with feeling under the weather has left me pretty exhausted and counting down the moments until the end of the week.
A week of doing some work, a neat festival, and generally relaxing should set me on track for a better next week.

Still have a couple of links to share -- though I will confess many of them are related to the work I've been doing this week.

SHE works with local entrepreneurs to bring about larger in Rwanda -- and they're amazing! 

Do you care about clothes?

This crispy tofu is just incredible.

Have you heard about Feed the Future? Working to improving food security and empowering women around the world. I've had the good fortune to work with them in Ethiopia, and am hoping to again soon!

I love this cat pack!

My husband found a conference in Paris that we're going to send work to and thus I've been lusting over a potential work vacation across the en Paris. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Nature. Mother Nature. She is free to do whatever she chooses." 

This lovely essay, by Ariel Levy, is, I believe, one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever had the pleasure to read.
It is raw, engrossing, and heartbreaking. 
But still wholly gorgeous and inspiring. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


My favorite movie in high school was probably the Royal Tenenbaums
It may actually still be. 
Although I am pretty smitten with Moonrise Kingdom

Lately I've been obsessing over Anderson-inspired elements of home decor.

Just a few of the many, many possibilities.
But, I also love the signs from the Grand Budapest Hotel.
Maybe I should hang some signs around my house. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

happiest Friday!

Can you believe it's already Friday again?
This week has been so busy -- the undergraduate class I work with had an exam on Thursday, so I feel like my entire week was reviewing for a test I did not ultimately take -- and everything else seems to have flown by. 
But, happy to have the weekend coming up -- including lots of catching up on work, and some relaxing. 
Lots of relaxing actually.
I believe this is the only weekend in September in which we have no plans.
So I am going to enjoy -- but making no plans. 

Anyway -- hope you all enjoy, too.
And for now, enjoy some links! 
Comic from my neck of the woods about gerrymandering, March 1812.

Ever wondered about Gerrymandering? Evidently, it all started right around my hometown.

Coffee in the mountains makes me long for camping.

Some fascinating self-portraits from Haiti.

Are the Scots independent yet?

I've been totally gaga over L.L.Bean lately, including the classic tote -- which I ordered for a friend, and am now contemplating getting for myself.

Work related, for me, interesting to others: Menstrupedia: helping to teach women in India about health, by addressing taboo topics.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

classic clothes: Everlane

Ever heard of Everlane? 
They make some beautiful products -- and do so with transparent business practices.
All of the pieces are classic and simple. 
Which is what I look for, right now, when building my wardrobe. Something that I can wear again and again, for many years. 
I've been searching for a place to buy classic, well-made, lovely clothes for a while -- and ethical business practices have been an important criterion. 

Round silk collar, in red clay.
Of course from:

Lately I've been lusting over their silk blouses and cashmere sweaters.
But I love the trench-coat, too. 

Swing trench, in navy.
Also, obviously, from

Check it out -- and tell me what you love!

Monday, September 15, 2014